Hi Guys!

Well I have such great material from when I was In Tampa & St Pete that I have to release some more. This time we meet the amazing Khristopher Johnson from Green Bench Brewing Company and Michael McElvey from Mastry’s Brewing Company. Both breweries are located In St. Petes, but Green bench in the central area and Mastry’s out on the beachfront. Michael has since then moved on to Cigar City but don’t let that dissuade you from visiting. Kris is a true inspiration and we were sitting In the newly opened Webb City Cellar, a must visit when in St. Pete.


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Hej på er!

Här kommer ett litet bonusavsnitt från smygöppningen av Stigbergets Fot. Vi tar ett litet snack med Johan Thor som basar över baren där men också ett med Ronny Karlsson ifrån Beernews.se.

Ett fullängdsavsnitt med mera kul ifrån Tampa kommer på söndag.

Mycket nöje!

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Yes friends!

More stuff from Tampa! This time we get to meet Ben Romano and Ryan Dowdle from Angry Chair Brewing Company and also the true gentleman that is Charlie Meers, from Magnanimous Brewing, who actually let us stay in his house when we were over. In this episode you’ll hear more about Pastry Stouts and air-conditioning but we also find out that Ben Romanos favorite beer comes from Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri!


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Hi there!

I know it’s a bit late, but now I’ve finally managed to edit a new podcast!

This is an interview with Sean Sasscer from Cigar City in Tampa, Florida that I recorded in October.

We talk about the problem with drinking heavy pastry stouts in the hot humid Florida weather, where the next big global beer market will explode and much more.

And since it took so long to get this podcast out the plan is to release the next one in two weeks.


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